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Are you doing the Wright Stuff?

Dear Parents, 
Thank you for letting us enjoy this wonderful season of summer camps with your kids! This was the best summer yet, with new and exciting activities like Bike Camp and “I’ve never been there” camp and old favorites like Swim lessons and Pam Brownlie’s Old Sawmill Ranch. 
The teachers and kids alike learned so much this summer and created lifelong bonds with their friends that will see them through many ups and downs in their lives! 
We hope everyone had a great summer and that your children came home telling you they had the time of their lives at least once in the summer. 
We want to make sure we are meeting your expectations so please email questions, comments or suggestions around your ideas to improve the Explore! program (things you love about summer camp and things you would change) to Olivia at primetimeexplore@gmail.com. 

Starting Monday August 24th 2015, we will be resuming the Explore! After­school Program! The first day will be a half day of activities including climbing at the gym, ball games at the fairgrounds and a trash pickup walk around town so the kids can give back to the community. 
If you plan to send your child any day during the first week of school please send them with the following items: Water bottle, a book, extra clothes and weather appropriate gear, hiking shoes, sunscreen, hat and snacks.​Snacks will be provided immediately after school, however, kids seem to get hungry toward the end of the program so a small healthy snack before leaving could be helpful. 

A new 2015­2016 schedule will be emailed to you at the beginning of September. If you have questions on rates or billing, please come into Prime Time and talk to Nikki. If you have questions about the scheduled activities please email Olivia. 
Thank you again for your participation and support! 
Happy first day of school! 
See you on Monday! 


EXPLORE! 2015 Summer Camp 

Fishing Camp

Lets start the summer off with our annual fishing camp!  Join Ms. Deon for an amazing rod and reel experience.

Safety First!

What would you do if your home was on fire, or your camping and need to put out our camp fire.  How about hiking in the wilderness or rock climbing. This camp will give you the how to's and the what not's to be safe in many situations

Ponies with Pam

Giddy Up!  Bring you boots and cowboy hat and learn basic horse care and riding techniques while giving therapy to aging horses. Build body strength using the forest ropes course and relax in the cool pool.  End the day with great trail rides near the Lone Cone Mountain.

Ouray Swim Lessons

Olympic swimmer anyone?...First you have to learn the basics.  Week one of swim lessons

Ouray Swim Lessons

Keep those goggles handy because you will need them for week two of swim lessons.  Don't forget the sunscreen!

Hiking Adventures

Oh The Grand Ol' Duke of York he had ten thousand men he marched them up to the top of the hill and he marched them down again..While we will not be marching the kids into battle they will get to experience many amazing hikes throughout Wright's Mesa and surrounding areas!

Biking and Triking

A biking we will go, a biking we will go...from just learning to ride to years without training wheels we will check out great spots within the area and connect with WEBA (West End Bike Alliance) to experience great rides for kids of many levels.

Swim With The Fishes

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish....Check out all of the favorite swimming spots from camps past.  

Climb On!

Learn many different rock-climbing techniques from local climbing enthusiasts.  From bouldering and belaying in the gym to taking new skills and trying out on what nature has to offer.


Not the Urban Dictionary version more like an unknown new term meaning paintballer.  Just don't get caught in a Hot Dorito. You may even have to Run and Gun to a new Car Wash to avoid Eating Paint.  You have to join us to find out the meanings of what was just said!

Creative Creations

Like to cook, paint, create?Explore the local talent Wright's Mesa has to offer. At the end of the week you will see our works of art displayed in the Prime Time Masterpiece Showroom while enjoying kid created horderves.

Splish Splash Bash

Sadly our summer has come to an end.  Our end of summer bash is a four day celebration as we revisit our most favorite swimming spots for one last not so bummer summer!